Monday, November 23, 2009

I feel guilty...

.... and sorry for my skin!

i've been in KL for a week. and since then, i've been abandoning my skin regime. well, not that i have a perfect skin, but, i do care bout it. i'm trying my best to reach that flawless level. it sounds ridiculous but i think i can do it, with the help of Clinique of course.

the thing is, i'm so lazy this week that i hardly apply moisturizer and sunblock to my skin. since it's so used of having serum, moisturizer and SPF 40 sunblock, it got angry at me for not spoiling it anymore, at least not for this week. my skin became dull and harsh.

today, i got PANIC!

looking at the mirror, and, gosh, who the hell is that ugly girl?

i then, quickly look over the shelf and took the apricot clay mask.


- i clean my face.
- apply clay mask.
- waited for about 20 mins, clean it up.
- use gentle scrub. yes, i only use gentle scrub. it wont irritate my skin.
- lastly, the Clinique 3-step, or in my case, 8-step. lol.

finally, my skin is soft again. no more dullness.

argghhh... dont be lazy next time!


that's all!


p/s: sorry Aiza, still no picture of me. coz i'm still in KL. i promise, i'll get my arse back to penang tmr! done deal!


1 comment:

fazrin2211 said...

ngantuknye,..adeh..bila la nak balik kerja ni


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