Sunday, November 08, 2009

A great night out with Ain, Juwita and Romey!

time: 5.12 a.m.
venue: home
mood: excited!

heyya Endy,
first of all, yeah im back in blogging world. sorry for abandoning you. i miss u!

i met my old old old friend, Ain. i was bored so i text her. she said she is going out! cool! because i needed to blow off some steam! lol. first, we went up to batu ferringi for dinner. we plan to go to Hard Rock. well, us being us, always have a change of plan, we headed back to gurney. went to G Hotel. there's a club named G-Spot. lol. i love the name! wakakaka... dont be tempted with the name coz the place is kinda dull! well, maybe for me.

we then head down to town. wandering around looking for a nice cafe to chill, we ended up in Rain. crowd was ok ok... music is good. and yeah, we were there till they close. lol. i had fun tonight. dancing and floitering. lol.

the reason why i write this entry... is because i wanna tell the whole world how much i miss hanging out with GIRLS! i've been hanging out with guys too much! lol...

so, any girls wanna go out??

you know where to find me!


P/s: i miss Ain so much, she's the coolest!


Ain.Love.Sweet.Apple said...

hahaha..tasha...mish yew gila smalam..aku pening troih arini...we shud do it moe often try club baru...hahahahaha

Natasha said...

wakaka... sampai pening! yala semalam tak larat nak tepis depa bagi ayaq! wakaka... lain kali masuk club takyah order ayaq... wakakaka....

Ain.Love.Sweet.Apple said...

tggu stengah jam dulu...gerenti penuh meja...yg penting mr romey ada..wakakakakaka


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