Thursday, November 26, 2009

Facebook request

i got this in 5 hours period.

now, can anyone tell me how to approve it without hassle?

oh god, it's all gift request for my Castle Age and Age of Castle game.

i guess having too much army is not a good idea either.


anyway, thanks for the gift.

it'll take me some time to finish approving them, ONE-BY-ONE!


alex sebastian said...

haha..i do f de same problem of getting gifts for mafia wars.. der isnt shortcut available yet as far as i knoww in fb..maybe dey will wit one soon...;)

Natasha said...

omg alex.... u play mafia?? come and add me in fb!!!!!

yeah it's kinda annoying to click one by one u know... they should've just put it in the gift section for us to ACCEPT ALL... just like the mafia family request.

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