Friday, November 20, 2009


just a quick update.

i will upload the picture when i reach penang.

1- i went to pavilion today, with B.
2- ate my forever fav. chicken kebab with coleslaw and old fashion chips at nando's.
3- suppose to watch movie, 2012, but it was crowded. ticket is sold out.
4- decided to watch tomorrow at Pyramid.
5- went to Coffee Bean to fulfill my cravings over coffee. (actually i want starbucks but B love Coffee Bean more).
6- sit there for about 2 hours and talk our heart out. lol.
7- Sharon pick us up at 12.30 a.m. THANK YOU DEAR :)


i'm suppose to....

1- sleep right now
2- pack my bag!


all i did was...

1- playing games

tomorrow i'm leaving this place :(

one thing for sure, i'll miss the crowd here. every night is a night out! every cafe are packed today!!! love it. this is my place! for sure.


for now, i have to go back.

oh yeah, i'm suppose to sleep by now. Sharon gonna pick me up later at 8.30 a.m.! shit! havent pack anything yet! i have to go to Sunway to get my Diploma certificate. i dont feel like getting it anyway, but, when to think of it, yeah, i should get it. 2 years and 4 months of working on that stupid shit of paper. lol.

see ya!



Aiza J said...

upload gmbaq cpt! lama sgguh aku tak tgk muka ang, haaha!

Natasha said...

aku ambik byk gambaq... tp byk gambaq yg tak di-approve oleh komuniti melayu sedunia!

nanti2 la ang tgk muka aku naa... wakakaka...


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