Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bobby Pins!

Time: 6:48 p.m.
Venue: B's house
Mood: anxious?
currently: watching youtube videos!

again, my obsession over Youtube! lol. this time i'm looking for simple hairstyle. i would love to cut my hair short but B said it'll look hideous on me. lol. so, i look for alternative. i found four amazing tutorial on youtube that are easy to follow. i'm so loving it!! check it out!

kudos to those girls who made effort to educate people like me who are dumb in this particular thing. lol. i'm so gonna try em all! just thought that i should share this with others too. i'm just bored of seeing girls doing free-hair everywhere, incl me. wanna get some volume and style for myself.

ahhhh the wonders of Youtube!

got to go.

gonna try style number 1 now.

oh ya, i'm going to AC later to play pool. B want a rematch i guess! lol.

so anybody wanna join, just gimme a call!

sape kalah belanja me takoyaki kat AC ok!



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