Sunday, October 04, 2009

Random things in my head...

- Mayam is leaving to Langkawi today :(
- What is it with you guys that you always thought that every malay girl from Penang is anak mami??? everytime aku ckp aku from Penang, cepat2 ja depa ni dok ckp aku anak mami... WTF? my mom is from Perak, my dad is from Penang. yup... my dad yg from penang. so where the hell does the mami blood come from? my father is purely chinese! takda mami-mami ni! period!
- i'm so bored that i actually ajak every single contact in my phone list to lepak mamak in bayan baru. ok now i miss kl. because in kl, anyone is free at any time to teman me lepak.
- Why the hell am i typing rojak language in my blog now? i thought it used to be english base? shit!
- i really wanna go out!
- i love myspace, but i hate all the malay guys in there. so TYPICAL. boleh tak kreatif skit? jgn msg aku dgn soalan2 yg predictable! no wonder malay girls chose to have foreign boyfriend!
- lepak sorang best ke? mcm nak try!
- seriously tgh fikir nak ajak sapa kluaq ni!
- ok im out of here. lepak aje la mana2. bye!


Aiza Jeniza said...

nanti kita kuaqq.. ajaq bagi aku cekap manual.. pstu kita p gertukkkk!!

Natasha said...

kah kah kah!

dekkai said...

tasha giler sorang-sorang :|

Natasha said...

cilaka ang dekkai... hahahaha...


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