Sunday, October 25, 2009

A day with the guys

time: 7.35 a.m.
venue: home
mood: happy?
currently: missing someone badly!

ok, i'm kinda exhausted. so im not gonna talk much. ok ok... i know i need to apologize for abandoning you! im suppose to write daily, that was our deal. im sorry my dear Endy.

ok, just a brief thing of what i did today. or should i say yesterday? lol. my world are so mixed up.

1- went out with aiza.
2- call fariz, he told me that he's going to SS Juru with some peeps.
3- agreed, and make a deal that we're gonna meet them there at 12.30 since we came from island and they're in mainland.
4- waited for about one hour thirty minutes, finally they said they're gonna cancel the plan.
5- WTF!
6- went to see them. all 5 of them. they still wanna hang out.
7- someone suggested Rock World since it's open til morning.
8- ok, we're going there!
9- FARIZ TAKTAU JALAN! WTF! oh yes, i have to put this here!
10- i was laughing histerically.
11- reach there, just have some fun. DO I NEED TO ELABORATE? it's Rock World for heaven's sake.
12- suppose to go for supper, but most of them are flat!
13- went for a drink and went back home.


i have so much fun!

love u guys lotsss!



fazrin2211 said...

tak tau jalan??? GPS kan ade

Natasha said...

aku ada gps... depa yg tadak... lagipun rock world tu nak gps kejadah pa nya... bukan susah...


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