Thursday, October 01, 2009



Twice per day:

1. Take the day off makeup remover for lids, lashes & lips.
2. Take the day off cleansing milk.
3. Liquid facial soap - oily skin formula.
4. Clarifying lotion 2.
5. Repairwear - Intensive eye cream.
6. Turnaround concentrated serum.
7. Dramatically different moisturizing lotion.
8. Super City Block - 40 SPF Ultra protection.

yes.. very mafan!


after a week of DISCIPLINE... (which means i actually follow the 8 step!):

1. Radiance!
2. Smaller pores.
3. Smooth skin.
4. No more panda eyes. (my fav part)
5. My mom is jealous of me and she's buying a set today! lol.

Anyways, this is not a promotion for Clinique. just sharing some useful info. i finally made myself use all the 8 step of Clinique and get the result.

for Penang customer, you are encourage to go to Jusco Queensbay for this product because the beauty consultant, Mei Ping, is very very friendly and helpful. for those in Klang Valley, i'd suggest the one in One Utama Parkson. if i'm not mistaken, her name is Christine. sorry i went there few months back so i kinda forgotten her name. lol.

oh ya, starting today, Jusco will have promotion due to their Jusco Fiesta or something like that. so every customer who buy more than rm400 will be getting a 6-piece free gift, which is really good! i didnt get it because i bought it earlier. lol. too bad then.

oh ya... i even influence all my girls to buy this product. hahaha...

ok, enough of today's adv! bye!



a-as said...

rajinnya..kalau I sekejap je follow pastu ikut suka ja..habis tu camno nak dpt best result kan!

gambatei tasha!

Natasha said...

lama kak as menghilang... hahaha...

tu la.. dah pakai lama dah benda ni... tp biasa la... pakai main2 ja.. pastu result takdak nampak sgt...

baru2 ni nampak member balik dr india... dia baru pakai sebulan aje... dah nampak result... tu yg semangat lebih nak ikut steps tu! hahaha...


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