Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Back in penang.... for good!

few things i wanna stress-out here:

1- back in penang.
2- gonna work here in penang.
3- i have facebook account, AGAIN. dont ask why. add me up katetasha@yahoo.com.
4- i miss him.
5- I HAVE ONE HELL OF A WEEK IN KL AND MELAKA! fun, tiring and crazy ADVENTURE with the girls and beautiful moment with someone i really adore~~

ok... gtg harvest my farm!



Aiza J said...

jom p keluaq gertukkk!

dekkai said...

kita tgk bape lame aku leh takda fb..hahahaha..

Natasha said...

ceh... ang ni aiza! wei dekkai... mana aci! ang main fb fami! tipu lah!

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