Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Random things in my head # 02

  1. nak pegi concert beyonce this 25th october! anyone?
  2. nak beli that coach wristlet, has... remind me to go to Coach nanti ok?
  3. miss him :(
  4. i need a new foundation! period! apparently, my skin color is 1 tone lighter now. oh god, why? i wanna be tan! anyways, sapa yg rasa2 skin dia sama kaler dgn skin aku, boleh mai amik foundation aku. i have
  • Estee Lauder Cyber White Extra Brightening GelCreme in 09 Cool Camel color
  • Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals - W03 Apricot Sand (hardly use this, still banyak!)
  • Revlon Mineral foundation - Medium color ( not sure, maybe i can still use this?)
  • Maybelline Dream Matte® Mousse Makeup - Creamy Natural - Light 05 color (use it halfway then i fall in love with that mineral foundation).
  • MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 - NW25 (check mac website for the color!)

ok... i think my mom want that Estee lauder. not sure. will ask her tmr. anyway, did u see how sad i was when i type that list? i have to let go that much? i've been going to the beach for the past few days, still my skin wont budge! damn! maybe it's time to buy fake tan cream! lol. ok let me go on rambling.

  1. going back to kl on 12th, but still havent pack my stuff yet!
  2. ohhhh... just remembered... i forgot to tell u guys that i went jogging 2 days ago. MIRACLE? hahah... 15 rounds of jog in 30 mins.. kinda bad record. should've finish it in 17-20 mins. nvm. i'm trying!
  3. i miss my car!
  4. i'm still torn between staying in penang or kl.. WHAT DO YOU THINK? help!
  5. i miss kl, surprisingly.
  6. i miss AC, i miss playing pool, i miss playing poker!
  7. i think i still want to buy N900 or N97 Mini, even though i love my E71! argghh...
  8. i bought a new dress today. background is white, design is purple and maroon. oh ya, Has bought the exact same dress too, only in different color. so now, we have 2 identical dress. lol.
  9. i'm jealous of every single one of my friend who's studying degree right now.
  10. i feel so down, because i cant continue my degree.
  11. Vish is back in Malaysia. i miss that bugger! also miss Su Weng and Raymond. the 3 buggers! lol.
  12. i miss Azuan and Aaron, the partner in crime.
  13. i'm definitely not going to graduation, but i'm going to make a party for my classmate. everyone of them is pursuing degree now!
  14. i'm currently angry with my bro, he deleted my pictures from my N95! fuck you!
  15. i'm bored.
  16. i feel hungry right now.
  17. i listen to Lenka at least 20 times today. and The Show is currently my message tone.
  18. i miss camwhoring with the girls.
  19. i miss Tiqah. how are you in Bangalore? she went back to India with lots of stuff! dont they have malls there? (the 1 million dollar question i popped to her!)
  20. i miss Mayam. she's in Langkawi and she's busy i guess. i dont want to disturb her. let her adapt first.
  21. i'm still picky in jobs. thank god i have my business to cover me while i'm not working. oh ya... mom is being a darling too. she gave me pocket money. haha...
  22. ok this blog is freaking boring. i wonder who read this bull shit?
  23. ok for those who manage to read this far... drop me a comment so i know u did read this bullshit! lol.
  24. BYE~

frankly bored?



Ain.Love.Sweet.Apple said...

me=)i read this entry=P

@DdY said...

i read am sharing ur bullshit-ness lol!

fazrin2211 said...

N97 mahal lagi seh, klu ko beli ko memang kayo ar.

prima_chrome said...

wishlist .. wishlist .. wishlist .. :) hope God hear you ..

Natasha said...

Ain... hahaha... idup lagi ang...

Addy... omg u actually read my blog yg merepek2 ni... haha...

faz... aku takmo N97.. aku nak N97 Mini... lagi best!

vio... it's not all bout wishlist! lol. i'm just rambling.


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