Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Going back to KL!

time: 4.47 a.m.
venue: home.
mood: happy!
currently: err...

i'm going back to kl later at 11. i'm so happy to go back. because i need to settle up stuff there. i'm trying my best to coup with everything. most important thing of all, is to meet him. i wanna explain everything to him.

i'm going for breakfast with Has at 8. yet, i haven't pack my stuff. so lazy to do so. i need to arrange some meeting with friends too. i miss them lots! ok, this is just a quick update. i will write more, soon.

Bye Endy.



fazrin2211 said...

buat apa balik? selamanya ke

Natasha said...

laa.. kan aku dah ckp.. aku keja penang... aku balik ni nak setel some stuff ler... hehehe... termasuk hal B...


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