Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Law School?

time: 6:38 a.m.
venue: home
mood: cranky?
currently: chatting with the guy! lol..

i have something to tell you... i dont know either i should tell you or not. anyway, how are you doing? this entry gonna take a bit of time to finish, since i'm chatting with him. i've been crazy to tell you this for a long long time. i gave it a thought and i decided to inform you. ok the story goes like....

i went to MPH with Maryam and some other girls. we were looking for great great books to buy. we sat there for hours. arguing over books and the place was crowded. it's kinda stuffy inside there. so we quickly buy our book and get our ass out of there. when i reach home, i check out all of the book. my novel, my magazine and my law book. yeah... i've got an offer to study law in one of the local U. that's the big news. then, next day, i packed my stuff and off to my new hostel. once i reach there, unpacked my stuff and all, i just sleep on my bed. 

next morning, i woke up, coz there's such noise from outside. my hostel is like a L shape building. i'm in 5th floor. the warden came to our room, my roommate ask me to get up. apparently, the warden look kinda fierce. ok, i have 3 roommates, who currently look so scared. i tried to make conversation with the warden, if i'm not mistaken, name Lily. then, i went out to the corridor, i saw lots of people outside. along the corridor, downstairs on the court which is right in front of my hostel, and the building in front of us. 

funny, the hostel is a boy-girl hostel. funny, why? because hello, this is malaysia and it's local U! on the other building, the exact 5th floor, right facing my door, the stand on of my old old friend that i know from PLKN. ok that's strange. i tried to yell his name but my voice just wont come out. then.... there's a big force that pull me, like a strong wind, moving extremely fast, as if i'm traveling over time.



yeah... what a bull shit dream i have. this is what you get when you slept one whole day. yes, when i say one whole day means one whole day! i woke up and i can feel my heart beat is really fast. my adrenalin is like gonna pour out any time. ok, that's not a good example, is it? lol... whatever it is, this dream is weird. yes, i got an offer letter 3 years ago. but i ignored because i dont want to be a lawyer, i wanna be a designer. if this dream have something to do with what we call a sign, then lets see if i dream it again in this short period. 

what about you guys? what do you think? any thoughts on this? i'm definitely googling this dream. hahahhaha...

feeling strange,


dekkai said...

boleh tahan ar lau ko googling dream ko!


terkejut aku tasha ang nak blajaq law :| dem..


runtuh langit weiiii

Natasha said...

haha... actually mimpi tu mcm ada petanda ja... tatau la... ang ingat dak dulu aku dpt offer blajaq law??

dekkai said...

ingat je tp ang yg tanak :)) hahahaha..

pasaipa eak tasha?

petanda pa? aku kurang pasti n paham :|

Natasha said...

ntah la... maybe tuhan nak kata aku dah bat jalan yg silap? maybe aku patut study law? i dunno... manyak sgt explanation!

dekkai said...

ang takyah duk pk byk la tasha!

mimpi maenan tido je.. ;) chillos!


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