Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lagenda Budak Setan!

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does this title ring a bell for you? yeah... i was kinda thrilled when i saw an entry bout this Lagenda Budak Setan (LBS), written by a famous malay writer, Ahadiat Akashah(AA) in one of my favourite blog. ok, i was just flipping through pages of blog that i've always visit, and i reached Leeds page and she is talking about LBS gonna go over the silver screen. YES. the best novel he had ever write is finally going on film! 

OMG OMG... i'm so excited that it's finally gonna be a film. although i think that it will never be the same as reading the novel itself. come on, LBS is as thick as the Oxford dictionary, you think they will be able to fit in every beautiful detail in about 2 hours movie? nahh... but still... i think it's gonna be great and i'm seriously gonna watch it. i grew up during this time and i'm sure i'll enjoy the movie. 

i dont really read malay novel as much as english novel, but i adores this one. believe it or not, i'm a personal collector of AA's novel. i love them a lot. i almost forget bout this LBS until i flip through the news! how i adore all the character and how i love and hate the ending! yeah... i'm divided when it comes to the ending. i'd prefer him to be with Ayu. ok ok... i shouldnt be talking bout the story. most of you guys wont understand what the hell am i talking about since i know no one read this book but me. and sorry, it's in malay, so for those who dont understand malay, dont ask me to translate the story. 

ok peeps... i gotta go... i suddenly remember my whole rack of novels that i left few years ago when i graduated from high school. gotta find all the novels he wrote. i'll write more, soon.

P/s: i still adore Jane Austen, nevertheless! oh ya... for those who can read malay, do click on AA's website to see thousands of praise for LBS!



fazrin2211 said...

cet, baca novel pew tu

dekkai said...

TT______TT oh!

lg sekali aku tak sangka ko baca novel AA!

tp biler pk balik mmg patutla..

ms zaman kita mmg famous habis AA!


Natasha said...

hahaha.... i love reading ler.. any material... and dia mmg femes pun.... tp still... jane austen rulez!!


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