Sunday, May 03, 2009

Leaving for Penang in 1 hour or so...

time: 11.11 a.m.
venue: Home filled with love.
mood: Sad, sad, sad.
currently: Finished packing.

i've settle everything. kinda clean the room, the kitchen, the rubbish bin, to make sure there's no weird thing accumulating when i came back 2 months from now. all of the task are done. half of my stuff is already in the car. last thing to pack is my make up, teddy bear, heels and of course, my laptop. i cant live without my laptop. i'd die.

i feel really really sad to leave this house. even it's just 2 months. this is the house where i learn how to love. this is the house where i learn to fit in. this is the house which witness every sadness and happiness occurred in my life. he really did it. he makes me feel safe in this house. so warm and comfortable, even when it's just a small condo.

ok, i'm shutting down my laptop. gotta hit the road. my bro is waiting in Ipoh. gotta fetch that bitch. lol...

p/s: b, i hope u come back to this house and see you once again, at your desk. love you.

will be writing in Penang,

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