Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's been a while

time: 10.29 p.m.
venue: home, Penang.
mood: errr...
currently: just came back from the shop.
i just came back from my mom's shop. business is kinda slow today. still, it's tiring just to sit there and wait for customer. it's been half months since i last write to you. i miss you, Endy. i'm really sorry. i'm just not in the mood to go online. i dont6 feel the urge to go online. reasons? none! lol... i hope i will write more soon...
my birthday is coming soon. three days to go to my birthday. yet, i still have no plans for my birthday. actually, i can just call my dudes and ask them to go out with me. the thing is... i dont even inform any of them that i'm home. only few of them know that i'm home. lol.... so, what's your suggestion for the party? and please... no clubbing! it's my 21st birthday and i want something soothing. something more laid back and chilly. no more loud music. sometimes i kinda got sick of it. lol...
as for medo, we talk every few days. he called me and we talk bout our daily life. nothing much. just some casual talk and then i make him hang up the phone. i dont want him to bare with the bills later on. lol... i hope he's having a great fun there. dont miss me so much ok. some time apart might be a good thing for us. to evaluate our feelings and conditions. but hey, dont get it wrong.
i'm going out now. i'll talk to you soon.
P/s: to whom it may concern, I MISS YOU dearly.

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