Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Went out with Aiza...

time: 00.41 a.m.
venue: home
mood: happy...
currently: chatting and listening to songs

as the title says, i went out with Aiza, planned to go shopping in Queensbay. surprisingly Qb is only full of tshirt and jeans. i'm looking for casual dress.

so i went to BJ with her, and we basically went from ground floor to 3rd floor. i found 2 dresses and a shirt that catch my attention. i quickly bought them and head back to my mom's shop. aiza went back home herself.

i'm gonna buy more tomorrow. going to gurney or prangin tomorrow.

note: penang don't have any nice shoes/heels/stilettos to buy! shit! makes me miss kl!


Aiza Jeniza said...

hahahaha! i belanja u mcm2 kan kemarin? nnti kita smbung shopping lagi!

Natasha said...

kah kah kah... belanja mcm2...


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