Friday, September 04, 2009

of Mixed Berries yogurt

Time: 3:28 a.m.
Venue: Home
Mood: Chilled?
Currently: Eating Mixed Berries low-fat yogurt
if i ever to pick anyone who knows me best, it'll be Maryam. and she know it well that i dont eat yogurt. yucksssss. but now? i'm eating it and to my surprise, i'm craving for more! 
See how much i miss you, B? i even eat your fav dessert! :(
Pack your bag, book the next flight to Penang please :(
P/s: Pic courtesy of the linking site of the pic itself. :)


fazrin2211 said...

utk kesihatan diri! sedap gak!

Nur Maryam said...

kikiki... yogurt???
we never eat any yogurt together... i mean plain yogurt from the cup... kikikiki...

Natasha said...

aku mmg dr kecik anti-yogurt! hahaha.

yam, PLAIN-YOGURT????? just by pronouncing the name, makes me feel yuckkkkk!


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