Wednesday, September 09, 2009

A poem way back then...

Time: 7.55
venue: home
mood: errr...
currently: reading my old entry

i was feeling bored so i browse through my old entries. i found this poem i wrote long time ago. back in 2007 i guess. cant really recall. anyway, here it is,

If you still have things called humanity,
Please remember me for eternity.
If you’re no longer in love with me,
At least give me the chance to live with memory.
If you hate me,
Don’t you ever think I’ll be abhorrence.
Even if you’re now happy,
I’ll keep waiting for thee.
If you falls on the ground,
My soul will cry with lack of sound.
If you’re not willing to have me,
I won’t be eager to go after thee.
If you already doesn’t care about me,
I’ll go away with no vacillate.
Even if you never love me,
I’ll always yearn for thee.
I’ll always love you,
Till the end of my existence.

and now, it's dedicated to B. thank you.



fazrin2211 said...

pehh ayat

Natasha said...

faz... the poem was sent to him on valentine's day 2007 :)


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