Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Why Tasha love novel?

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I was reading a novel, a malay novel, when my friend buzz me in YM. he asked me what am i doing? i told him i'm reading novel. malay novel. then he condemn me in 2 ways. 1st, do i still know malay? 2nd, girls always like to read all those love nonsense love story. ok, since i know you're one of my reader, i purposely post this blog. and i want all the guys that girls love to read love story. well, at least that's what i thought.

so, let me answer the first question. just because i study in an international school and just because my boyfriend is not local, doesn't make me a person who forget her mother tongue completely. yes, i admitted, i'm not fluent with my hokkien and cantonese, but i still speak malay fluently. in fact, i met Maryam just now and we spoke purely Penang slang malay. so, please stop the "lupa diri" issue like FOREVER??? i'm just so sick of people nudging me with this kinda thing. dont blame we girls for choosing an outsider as our spouse. look deep into the mirror. what did you see?

ok, why we girls love to read novel? because we knew, we can never find such a perfect Mr. Romeo Montague (yes, i do read Shakespeare's play) in real life. oh well, lets face it. out of 1 million guy, maybe you can find one or two? you might think all those bullshit poems are not appropriable to be recite anymore. well, for me, and i believe, for all the girls that i know, a little bit of romance once in a while won't bite.

so, as i go through my journey in life, looking for Mr. Romeo Montague CLONE, i just found myself disappointed, because there's no such thing as Romeo Montague in real life. well, maybe there is and the girl who found them is very lucky. well, not that i'm not happy with what i have, but just once in a while, to be in fantasy, to have this Romeo in your fantasy, it's just beautiful. this is according to the writer's imagination, anyway.

i read lots of book and novel. educational, politics, fiction, non-fiction, digital photography, graphic, web design, programming, cooking, baking, sewing, knitting, arts! and anything that are related to my IT and ARTsy world! i dont know for others, but when i read non-fiction book, it gave me such fantasy. i found out that reading is much more satisfying than watching movies. why? because, in reading, there's no boundary of imagination, which makes you more creative. it makes you think out out out outtttt of the box. for example, Tiqah always say that she loves Harry Potter book rather than the movie. oh yes... it's way better. i saw a few movie/drama which is adapted from a novel, and yes, i'm disappointed, because i believe my imagination can do a better job.

so, i want anyone out there to stop saying that i'm soooo "euwwww" for reading such romantic novels. it's satisfying, trust me. ok, i think i'm gonna stop here, but before i stop, i want to share one anonymous quote taken from Carrie Kirana's Blog! so, for fans out there, continue reading, never never stop just because of a lame criticism.

You know you have read a good book when you turn the last page and feel as if you have lost a friend"-Anonymous.




cik tasha, cari asian natioanl geographic - photo edition. gambar2 dlm tu.. pergghhh!!! superbbb

fazrin2211 said...

love novel...jiwang karat...karat..

Natasha said...

jiwang karat ka? so, yg ang dok mengorat pompuan dlm ym tu tak karat plak? hak tuiii... ckp mau deraih... sendiri mau cermin la bai! hahaha... mengong nya faz! anyway, ang dok kata jiwang karat ni... sebab ang tak mampu nak jadi lelaki sempurna mcm dlm novel tu kan? too bad lahh... so jgn salahkan pompuan dok baca novel... because lelaki mcm ang ni dok wujud! menyakitkan mata ja... muahahahha.... mintak amponn faz!


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