Monday, February 09, 2009

Birthday Celebration

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ok, as promised, today i'm going to update on Medo's birthday. nothing much actually. just a simple celebration with just 5 of us, including him. i was feeling quite unpleasant actually. this is because lack of commitment from his friends, esp his best friend. i feel like i'm gonna smack every single one of them. they dont deserve the title friend. bull shit people!

birthday boy!

anyways, thanks a million to my very best friend, Maryam, Tasha, Suba and Sharon. you guys really save the day. thanks again and again. love you all a lot! we didnt really take picture on that day since it's really crowd and warm! yes, it's warm there even though it's air-conditioned! arghhh... well, let me reveal the truth... actually, we were all busy stuffing our mouth with seafood!

Maryam and Tasha, the QUEEN of camwhore!

yes, i took out my over-sized earring... to make me more comfortable stuffing my mouth!

trust me, there's another 3-4 plate of this peeled-prawn skin, just from Medo!
how much did he eat, exactly?

yes, we went for seafood steamboat in Sunway Mentari. oh yes... we ate a lot. i think i eat the less among us because i was still sick last Sunday. i finish up around 3-4 plate of food. the 3-4 plate is not a flat filling, but a mountain of food on it! oh shit, there goes my diet! hey tasha, you're fat enough! lol...

err... stack-up sauce art? lol...

well, the celebration was suppose to be surprise but i suspected that he knew. thanks to Sharon for calling me from time to time! hahahaha... it's ok. everything went well anyway! we eat and eat and eat till our stomach got bloated. shit. i was wearing a nice grey with pink flower dress on that day. i look even worse after eating due to the bloated stomach! i bought a new pair of shoes and the dress just for his birthday. i really hope he like it, and, he did! super happy!

just a picture of him and me.
please don't comment on me being fat now! i know it! lol..
oh ya.. that's the dress i was talking about.

after the long draggy dinner, he went down with Sharon to puff a few cigarette. we call up the waiter to clean the SUPER messed-up table and to bring out the cake. it was just a simple chocolate cake. i was planning to buy a blueberry cheese cake. since the decoration was too simple, i change my mind and choose chocolate cake instead. we waited for them to come up and i lighted the candles. he seems to be surprise with this one.

it's called mirror chocolate cake.
the droplet of choco on top actually reflects my face!

birthday boy with his cake!

well, people usually bring out the cake when the birthday boy arrives in the first place, isnt it? but i asked them to keep it, because i want him to think that it's just a normal dinner with friends. well, we sang the birthday song, bla bla bla... you know, the typical birthday stuff.. do i need to elaborate? lol... below pictures are just our ritual during birthdays... it shows that we're as close as siblings...

Suba and Medo

Maryam and Medo

Sharon and Medo

we ate the cake, and talk, talk, talk, talk and talk till the moment i brought up his birthday present. yes, another surprise for my birthday boy! i'm sure he didnt expect that to come. lol.. yes, i can see your face, so shocked and happy. i'm glad you like it!

i just manage to get this for him

i was looking for his pressie for few hours. dunno what to choose. he loves perfume, and i kinda hate it. i'm kinda allergic to the smell, i mean the strong one. testing the perfume one by one is actually not good for me, but, hell yeah, it's for him. eh.. dont get me wrong ok... i'm allergic to perfume, but i still own some! lol... i want people to feel pleasant while they stand beside me!

oppss... let me stop nagging before i run really out of the topic! lol... i dont know what to type anymore. basically, the dinner was simple, yet nice. all i know, he's happy that we all came. he was a bit disappointed when his friend chooses to do something else rather than being present in his birthday ceremony. i'm glad i made his day!

oh ya, before i go.... just wanted to share some "chicken fight" picture in the restaurant. the grill chicken are refilled every 15 minutes. because it's so nice....

they waited like 5 mins before the chicken is served

in less than 1 minute, the whole tray is done! SCOOPED by them!
yes, they scooped it using 2 plates, not using the thongs!

some other picture? NO NEED LAH!!! all of this picture was taken using Suba's little sony. my charger is spoiled! shit, need to buy another one! if i want to put more picture, means i need to download more from my email. too lazy to do that, because that smarttttyyyy Suba didnt zip the file. she actually upload it one by one? hurrmm... sometimes i wonder... an IT student can be so dumb sometimes! hahahahhaa... dont be mad dear! just joking! anyways, it's pain in the ass downloading it one by one! they dont teach this in your degree? hahahaha...

you're 21, i'm 20,

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