Monday, February 16, 2009

a dozen of blue roses....

time: 9.05 p.m.
venue: home.
mood: exhausted! one whole day of walking!
currently: sort of made up her mind on college!

today is another happy day in my life. i didnt expect... i really didnt expect that my one and only bought me flowers. i know he's not that kinda guy... actually i still feel like it's sort of wasting.. you know... flower's price can be so hike up sometimes! this post is just to show off my flowers! lol.... i didnt take it using camera coz eventually the charger is acting up! i need to get a new charger for it... so this is just a lame webcam picture... sorry! lol...

it doesnt really outstand here due to lack of color contrast and i'm too lazy to open photoshop!

ok endy, i gtg... i'll post more tomorrow... he bought me a watch and a bangle.. he makes his life easier by bringing me to choose the design i want.. errr.... is that called smart or lazy? hahahahaha... maybe he's just being precautios.... ok.. see you!


i love those flowers,

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