Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's + 10 months celebration for us

time:2 in the morning.
venue: home.
mood: happy.
currently: scrutinizing into my new stuff.

just wanna brief you on our simple hang out on V'day and 15th, which is today. well, as others, we just went out for dinner and chill for a while in Pyramid. then, we bought a few DVD and watch ed at home. i dont know bout others, but i have the idea that cinema is expensive. don't you think? they dont deserve that amount of money for that quality of audio!

ok... moving on... moving on...

we went to Tarbush for dinner, extremely heavy dinner. i ate Lamb cubes and i couldnt finish it. it's too much! then, i ordered cream caramel as dessert. lol... i can finish like 1o of this! i love cream caramel! medo ordered shis tawook (err... kinda forget the spelling) which is chicken. we came out from Tarbush, BLOATED! omg! i'm fat enough! February is an eating month for me!

seriously, we didnt do anything on that day... just wondering around til Pyramid close. what did he get me? nothing much... just a simple gift. but, its the thought that counts.

this is my gift.
it's a pebble.

but it's not the pebble you can find along the beach.

it's the one you can see with a chick!
(ok that girl is not me... i'm wayyy too fat to be her. hehhehe..)

this is my pebble. i like it. because i always wanted to buy a smaller MP3!

this is the back view. isn't it cute? lol...

as for today... we went to Pyramid to fix our PDA. the O2 is not working! shit! now i'm using my old lousy phone! i dont know. for some reason, even this phone, which used to work well, is having problem. whenever i receive any call, it will just cut off. any idea? err... since it's an old phone, i just dont bother much! my mom is getting me another one anyway.
err... why am i crapping? ok... we invited Maryam to join us today. she was so stress bout her SUPER-IDIOTIC-PATHETIC groupmates. so, as usual, we went for coffee. we sat there for hours, gossiping and chit-chatting on each other's life. i dont really have the mood to go out today, but staying at home is a big NO-NO for me. i dont like being stuck at home, especially on a special day. just a simple hang out will do. thanks to Medo for following me everywhere i go. he's like my shadow! hehehe... anyways, before i go...

happy 1oth months...


happy valentine's

p/s: pics are not from me... taken randomly from Yahoo Image Search! take note!
truly yours,

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Elly Rocker said...

mcm besh je s2 nih. so kasila review skit. ok ke mcm haram jadah?


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