Friday, November 05, 2010

Is flirting considered as cheating?

Situation 1:
You have a gorgeous friend, and he/she is sort of giving you a hint. Like, hey, let's go out for supper, i'm hungry! The thing is, you can obviously see that he/she is giving you the flirtatious voice. So question here, is it proper to go out with him/her, even as friends? Should we bring some friends, just to make it clear that we're just having supper. No other intention. FULL STOP?

Situation 2: 
Ok Facebook issue. He/she seems interested in your activity there. Whatever you posted, whatever quizzes you take, whatever status you made, he/she will write a comment, or at least "like" it. Is he/she viewing and refreshing your page every 10 seconds or what? ok whatever. My issue here is, how do we tackle this kinda thing? I mean, we don't want to hurt our loved ones. We don't want them to feel insecure or jealous or sad. Sometimes, we don't realize that we're replying flirtatious comments too. 

Situation 3:
We joke around with nicknames. You know, like calling them dear, sweetheart, beautiful, handsome, etc. Yeah, I understand it's just a joke. nothing much. but will it hurt our loved ones when they read them? Will it? Is that considered as "slightly cheating"? I mean, we might not have any intention by giving out those nicknames, but, the other party might get it wrong. He/she might think that we're interested in them. Sometimes, when i read some comments that some people wrote, it struck me, won't their bf/gf feel awkward? What do they do? Just pretend it didn't happen? Or just reply that comment with something cynical? Or just ask that person to mind their language? What do you think? 

Situation 4:
He/she started asking bout your guy/girl. What is that suppose to mean? He/she wants to feel better, or he/she wants to compete with your guy/girl? I think this is another hint of flirtation. A person won't ask so much question on your guy/girl, unless if they're interested in you. So, if you detect this kind of thing, what will you do? It's obvious he/she is doing the "good character" in front of you, by asking all those so-called routine question bout your loved ones, while what they really want is actually to get you! So, if we were to reply to their question, are we cheating on our man/woman?


Well, nothing much. Just an issue that i just thought of. Sometimes, i think we human failed to see the silver-lining of an issue. We might think that it's absolutely normal to act that way, but to our surprise, our spouse doesn't think that way. So, what is the best way to handle all this 4 situation, so that nobody get hurt? I admit, sometimes, i ACCIDENTALLY flirt with some guys, in a cafe, in a bar, at work, in college, even when i go jogging! Ok, what i meant by flirting here is, just giving response, not OBVIOUSLY throwing myself out there. You know what i mean right?

So, what i'm trying to say here is, i think, there's a fine line between flirting and cheating.   My case, if i ever see any of this on my page, or, on Jack's page, i'll just consider it fooling around. Sometimes, i think that we human always wants attention from the opposite sex. we tends to get attracted by them, even though we know that we love our man/woman. Maybe it's just a phase.

Back to my question. Is flirting considered as cheating?

What do you think? Drop me your opinion on this ;)

Tasha Leow

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