Monday, November 15, 2010

I love my blog - Part I

For those out there, who owns a blog, a journal, or anything like that, this entry is dedicated to you guys. 

Ok, i'm facing  a case right here. i talk to one of my good friend on the net last night. she's a fun amazing girl. well, i hope she won't mind me writing bout her case here. just to share experience. She told me that she just deleted her blog, her 4 years blog. personally, i love her writing and i love that blog. never missed an entry. it's a personal blog, so she blog bout whatever happens around her. including the guy she had crush on, what she ate, family issue, yada yada yada. you know what i mean, right? 

So, i was shocked. For me, to delete something that you work on dedicatedly, for a few years, is just insane. Yes, for some of us out there, it's just a blog. something you put on the net. that's all. for me, well, i guess, for MOST bloggers, our blog is one of our most treasured treasure. Yeah, what the heck, i just write shits here, gossip bout my friend, talk shit bout my enemy, blabber bout my fashion sense, stuff i like, my Jack, and some other unimportant stuff. i think, even though what i write is junk, i still love this blog. the place where i express myself, be honest, totally honest, and learn more bout myself. trust me, i find it fun, reading on my own journal. thinking, how silly i was, back then. of course, learning from mistakes, day by day. 

Well, the reason why she deleted her blog was, she thinks that she can no more be herself there. she can no more write flawlessly. she can't be honest bout her feelings, she can't write some stuff and she have to think twice before writing anything there. Reason? Because the guy she love the most, is stalking her blog, and questioning every single piece she write there. questions like, "Why do you write that?", "Why do you do that?", "why do you think like that?" and etc. this is so frustrating. even for me. i've been through that. it feels like shit. i was like, "WTF, this is my freaking blog!". this is how i feel, deal with it. trust me, i've reach that moment, where i can no longer be myself in my blog. it's such a turn off for me. i don't know what to write. so, i decided just not to write, which is another frustrating case, because i love to write, even though i sucks in writing. i know, nobody gonna read my piece of junk here, but hey, i love this blog. deal with it. 

Ok, a piece of advice for you guys/girls out there. if your man/woman owns a blog, try to read her blog with an open mind. treat yourself as one of the reader, not as their bf/gf. of course, you can question us bout anything that we write in the blog, but please be careful with your words and tone. words could be harmful, tone could make it worst. don't make us feel pressured writing. we're just having fun, sharing our piece of mind right here. nothing much. one more thing, when we write something here, please don't take it too seriously. like, when i tell you guys, i hate my mom. well, that's just a 5 minutes moment of my life. shits happen. we all have our boiling point, and i'm not ashamed to admit that my boiling point is very low. i can reach there very fast. so, don't trigger it. be smart, like my Jack. he knows how to deal with me, even when i'm angry. 

All I want to do, is write, and, maybe, 20 years from now, read this blog through, before i die, thinking of years of my life. At least, there's a prove that Tasha Leow was once there in everyone's life. This blog, is a living prove. Trust me, you'll treasure this junk, one fine day. Cheers to all writers around the world. I SALUTE you guys. Never ever give up people. Don't stop writing, because, there's someone out there reading!

P/s: She retrieved her blog, and she never felt better. Never give up, babe! I'm with you.
P/s/s: I have a dream of registering for copywrights in the name of Tasha Leow, one fine day.
P/s/s/s: Wait for Part II of this issue. Gonna post it later, at night.

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dekkai said...

omg beb bergenang air mata siak :((

Natasha said...

jadah pe sampai bergenang air mata. adeh....


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