Monday, November 29, 2010

Heart to Heart with Jack

I know i'm not suppose to write this here.
But for the sake of remembering this event.
I'm gonna share it here with you guys.
Here it goes.

I had a fight with Jack.
A big fight, that could end our relation.

I don't know.
I thought that he changed. 
He thought that I changed.

I have an instinct.
I damn strong one.
Saying that he's hiding something.
Saying that he's up to something.

I don't know.
I can't explain.
It's just my instinct.

Being us, we decided to talk.
and we did, yesterday morning.
We talked, we argued, we discussed.
and, we RECONCILE.

Yes we're fine now.
Just one thing bothering me.
One thing that Jack said to me.
Which totally slaps me into reality.

Imran had been such a great influence in my life.
That I actually feel down whenever something happens.

But with Jack, i just feel stress-out and pissed.
All i wanted is to get out of the trouble and forget it.

Jack made me realize that our relationship is so different.
That i can't never love him the way i love Imran.

Because he is who he is.

I've been talking bout a level.
A very high level of True Love.
I believe that Ace and Jack will be there.
One fine day. Not never. Just not now.

So, here we are.
Back to square one.
Except, things changed.
Now, I love him more.
and he loves me more.

I hope we will survive this relationship.
Because I know that I love you so much.
I don't want any other guy in my life.
I just want you.
Only you.

Your Ace.

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