Wednesday, June 16, 2010

watched 3 match! damn...

today is my day of lepaking in mamak. damn.... overall, i watched 3 games and the best for today is Brazil vs. Korea.

nothing much i wanna say bout New Zealand vs. Slovakia. maybe because i wasnt really paying attention on the game. i was having my dinner. i was really hungry because today is my second day of fasting. lol. it's tough.

Portugal vs. Côte d'Ivoire
Sorry to say.... it's freaking disappointing for me. i was targeting for Portugal to win by 2-1. game was kinda interesting, but they settled for a hopeless 0-0 draw. damn.

Brazil vs. Korea DPR
my fav match of today!!! first half was kinda dull with no goal from any team. things started to fire up during 2nd half. it was worth the wait. both team struggling to score and Brazil did a good job through Maicon and Elano, scoring a very superb goal. those who missed the game pls watch the highlights!! however, Korea did not give up, wi JI Yun Nam scoring 1 goal for his country. i was kinda surprise though, but excellent job Korea! at least u guys didnt come back with zero goal!

ok, i'm extremely tired right now. so worn-out today. damn. it's already 7.49 a.m.! nite people. bye!

P/s: looking forward for Spain vs. Switzerland tmr at 10.30 p.m.!


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