Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Tasha says, "Happy Father's Day abah. Besok abah blanja mkn ek?"

so here we are. in Friday's. lol.

as usual, we started with Chicken Fajita Nachos. lol. our family fav.

they ordered steak. i ordered fish n chip because i know i can never finish the steak platter! abah ordered chicken salad. lol .he's always on diet!

ok, enjoy the pic!

Our starter

Chicken Salad

My Fish n chip. cant even finish that!

Cajun Sirloin Steak. Nazrul finish em all!

Nasriq and mama ordered the same steak. so MUMMY's boy! bweekkk.

Nasriq and abah.

Nazrul and abah.

the prettiest of them all... hahaha... because i'm the only girl. so i'm the prettiest.

overall, today's lunch was amazing. feels like i got my family back. please pray that my family will be like this forever. i love them all.

Dear abah,
Despite whatever had happen in our family these few years, all the happiness and sorrow we've been through, the ups and downs, the argument, the silent treatment we gave to each other, i am still your girl. Happy Father's Day, abah. You're always in my heart.

your daughter,
tasha leow


Nord said...

happy to see you all hang out together! it been a while..


Nur Maryam said...

sapa belanja ?? hehe..

Natasha said...

abah aku la yam. ni tunggu bapak ang menang kes ni! suh dia blanja. wakakaka.


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