Sunday, June 13, 2010

Argentina vs. Nigeria


i was expecting 3-0 actually. Messi could've done better, instead of dragging the ball all over. nevermind.... i hope he'lll improve next game!!! dont just fool around aite!

Enyeama.... you're MAN OF THE MATCH! seriously! you saved lots of Messi's ball!! damn!!! Salute you man! Nigeria should be proud to have you!!!

Maradonna... try to chill a lil bit okay? you look ridiculous jumping around and yelling to the referee!

overall... I'm happy that my team won. lol...

3 points for Argentina... and yes... 3 points for Korea who won 2-0 to Greece. i was not able to watch it since i'm working till 9. lol.

ok... i'm gonna continue Facebook-ing till the next match!

England vs. USA <<< please let it be a great game!


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