Thursday, June 17, 2010

Argentina vs. errr... the other team...


yeah2 i know. KOREA.

just teasing the Koreans!

ok GREAT JOB Argentina. i'm so freaking proud of you!!! OMG! my heart is still jumping.

ok i will talk bout the game later. i'm going for the next game. just coming home to change my shirt to green! i was wearing... ehem... of course, BLUE! lol.




4.40 a.m.

phew... just came back from McD Greenlane. we watch the game there. Mexico vs. France. damn. honestly. the game was freaking slow. i barely watch the game anyway. i was busy gossiping bout others. but i saw the goal. lol. Congrats to Mexico. sorry your game was boring!

ok... lets talk bout Argentina. damn. i really adore them. Messi was awesome just now. passing the ball through even though he had a chance to score. he knew it'll be kinda hard for him to score, because 3 player are blocking him all the time. instead, he pass the ball to others. that was really cool of him. the first goal was just luck i guess. my friend were teasing me, saying that it was just their luck. so, explain the 2nd, 3rd and 4th goal then? lol... they are seriously amazing.

Gonzalo Higuain fired up hat-trick that Argentina settle up with 4-1. this means, they're the first group who qualifies for the next round. the first 6 pointer. however i'm not happy with korea scoring 1 goal. i believe that Argentina was fooling around during that time, after they scored 2 goals. they should've been more careful. dont take things easily people!!!

lastly, i respect Korea's spirit. they didnt give up till the last 92 minutes! they were trying their best attacking Argentina. maybe it was just not their day.


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