Sunday, April 18, 2010



today, when i go through our picture.... i miss you.
today, when i make tea for myself.... i miss you.
today, when i watch TV series.... i miss you.

and i know that i cant cry.

i have to hold my tears.


you were not there...

..... to wipe it for me.

i'm alone, left in emptiness.

deep down.... i know it well that I LOVE YOU.

right now...

i think i'm going to collapse.

without you here, supporting me, tendering me and caring bout me.

i need you in my life.


i know...

i know that you wont come back.

i know that you dont even want to look at me. not anymore.

i am no more your beautiful girl.

i am no more your little girl.

i am just a stranger.


God, please make me strong.

strong enough to pick up the pieces.

yes, i accept the fact that we dont belong together.

but please... please help me to get up on my own.

please make him the happiest man on earth.

please put him in the best place in the world.

that's all i ask for.



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