Monday, April 12, 2010

best kan...

mama balik umah... tanya "how are you, tasha?"
mama cook dinner... pastu ajak makan sama-sama.
mama tanya... "how's your life now?"
mama ambil berat... "lepas break up dgn B... tasha ok tak?"


pathetic nya aku...

mengharap semua tu.

tak dapat kot?


don't blame me for being stiff at home.
....i'm always cold as north pole when i'm not comfortable.

don't blame me for not caring bout you guys.
....because when i care, i am called "kepoci".

don't blame me for being ignorance to whatever you said.
....i'm just too immune of your nag.

don't blame me for being grumpy.
...because believe it or not, you guys never realize, that's just me.

don't blame me for hating every single day of my life.
....because all i want to do, is just to get a degree.


I love you, mama.

Yes i do.

Do you love me?


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