Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I'm in a good mood!

Time: 4.46 a.m.
Venue: My room
Mood: Don't you read the title? duh....
Condition: Kinda exhausted due to 24 hours surfing!
Currently: Wanna forget bout degree for a while. too much excitement and stress!

Well, after a week of moody Tasha, i'm finally back with myself. i'm suppose to start writing back to you once i hit my holiday. this one month holiday was suppose to be fun! but, it turns out to be such a stressful and important December. usually my December will be filled with parties with ma~ peeps or just hanging out at Qbar drinking my fav. cocktail! too bad it's close now! donno why! or at least i will chill at 15 with all those pool addict! will be playing for hours and just when i got out from there, it's already morning. lol...

Anyway, i'm kinda happy today because i finally found season 6 of my favourite series. well, i cant state what series here since someone will bring me to court for mentioning their name... hahaha.... what-so-ever! getting sick of people reading my blog and messaging me asking this and that. you wanna read this blog, you're welcome... if you dont get what i mean, it obviously show that you're OUT of my coverage... so, get yourself comfortable with my rules... i dont like it here, or you dont like straight forward person... you can get the hell out of here...

ok ok... i know you're kinda sick of me being so moody and frustrated towards people nowadays, Endy... well, it's just me. i dont get it.. why people like to buzz in people's life... not for me... i'm too busy with my life even to bug people's private life! so... my advice to those who dislike me or what-so-ever... JUST GO GET A LIFE...

opps... i'm doing it again... i'm being mean again... sorry endy... it's just nature.... ok lets get back to the topic...

ok... after 3-4 months of hunting for this season, i finally found it on a foreign website... dunno what language is it... why dont you check it out yourself... you might find something useful there... the site is best2u.sk.. opps... am i getting into trouble again for posting this? hahaha... opps... sorry.. being synical once again.. sorry... hehe... now, i wanna hunt for season 7... i've go through more than 100 websites to search for this 7th season... hope i could get it... and Endy please remind me to get a new hark disk and a DVD-R... i really need it.. so many things to get, yet too little space to keep!

oh ya, i forgot to wish... to all muslim in the world, all my bro and sis all over the world;

Eid al-Adha
(Arabic: عيد الأضحى ‘Īd ul-’Aḍḥā) or the Festival of Sacrifice

I'm kinda sad because i didnt celebrate it in penang... i was suppose to go back, but i dont know... i just dotn have the will... maybe i'll try to go back next week... i miss my mom... hurm... i'm emosionally unstable right now since i didnt go back for Eid... i didnt do anything much anyway... just floitering around and arranging my degree stuff... pheww... that's another long story! they needed almost everything from sunway in order to push me to 3rd year... everyone, please do pray for me! i really wanted to enter 3rd year... i want to finish as soon as possible...

on the other hand, i've got the offer from Academy of Art, to join 2nd year of photography... the good news is, my friend is helping me out on the financial issues... now, how does it sounds like? it spells HEAVEN for me! but still, my dream school is NYIP! i still wanted to go to NYIP... so, do i go to New York, or do i finish my degree here first and go there with more knowledge... it's a tough world out there... i will need more strengh than just this lame diploma! hehehe... oppss... underestimating myself again... hurm... well... i've got my own ruler and i know how tall do i stand... and i do realize i stand at a very low level of art! need to improve hell lot more!

i have so many thing in my head... so many plans yet not so many time... lol.. if i take my degree here in malaysia, i will be able to join 2 type of degree... i know this is strongly not encourage by the government, but yeah... it's my life... so i decide it myself! hehehe... how am gonna get through the 2 degree... that's another thing... i dont care... i'm calling someone to handle that for me!

ok that's option number 1... option number 2 is to go to NY.. but if i go there, i cant take 2 degree.. because it's against the law of the financial thing... i have to endorse only 1 degree.... thats crappy for me... because i think 5-6 subject per-week is just not enough... i need more... i cant waste my time! i wanna learn a lot.... i want all those knowledge to be stuck in my head, then blended well with habits! when all the knowledge became habit, then we're talking business here, mister!

gosh, what am i blabbering about?

oh ya... another thing... (i've got just enough thing to update you until the next year!) Nicholas, my besties and pool partner, went to Australia, for good... well, kinda miss him already... he's one of the person who understand my mean jokes, my lameness, my sarcastic word and etc.... i'll visit him when i got the time... i hope he'll do great there... how much is salary of a programmer there for a bachelor graduated student? hurm... i bet twice better than malaysia! man, this country have to change a lot!

anyway Nick, good luck on your new journey of life... i hope you'll start blogging soon... oh ya... dont forget to send me all the photograph you took! Endy, FYI, Nick is now addicted to photography... haha... i have another gang! yay! BTW Nick, my Vaio is better than your MacbookPro... hahahaha... and no matter how good the computer is, the picture editing still depends on the person, not the computer, you idiot! haha... really miss you pal! hope to see you soon... and... dont worry, i still remember to get your transcript from SCT... i'll get it tomorrow morning!

i'll catch up soon k... wanna browse the net for now! bye!

NY or...

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