Thursday, December 18, 2008

Blogging from the Pearl of island, Penang!

Time: 23.30 p.m.
Venue: My house, Penang!
Mood: Happy..
Condition: errrr..... ok delete this thing from now on!
Currently: Chatting with him...
I'm finally in Penang! been planning to go back since the past few weeks... i kinda miss the island... nothing much to say today... kinda blur and exhausted due to long distance travel.... anyway... i think santa receive my letter... lol... i talked to my mom bout my baby d700... and she seems to agree.... hehe.... so let's check my list once again... okay?
1. Nikon D700 (actually i want Nikon D3, but nah... i'm an amateur) ~ yay! i'm getting it soon, with the wide lens!
2. Ipod Touch 32g (this is my christmas gift for myself this year) ~got it, faster emi!
3. Ipod Shuffle (buying this for me and Medo)
4. Elizabeth Arden Blockbuster Edition.
5. Salvatore Ferragamo resin clutch in violet.
6. The Christmas edition of O.D.M. watch, in white!
7. A nice dress for christmas party. ~got it, orange in color
8. A pair of nice necklace, to go with the dress... lol! ~going to hunt for it tomorrow!
so for now... i've got 4 out of 8 stuff i want... i really like what i got... hurm... i'm kinda blank now... is it ok if i continue tomorrow? it's kinda noisy here! ok Endy, bye...
p/s: I miss you!


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