Saturday, September 22, 2007

Early Saturday once again!

Time 9:05 a.m.
Venue: My room, Sunway!
Mood: excited! i think...
Condition: all set to start a new day, except for a cup of coffee
Currently: Ready to start a new day!

phew... what the hell am i doing early morning? i think my biological clock has gone normal... i sleep at eleven yesterday and woke up at 4 something... i ate 4 pieces of sesame oat cracker and drank a few sip of mineral water... then i check my mail and myspace... one of my friend called me and talk for 1 hour and 12 minutes... phew... thanks to hotlink super saver... now everybody start calling me and make me talk on the phone for more than 5 minutes... that's so unhealthy! as if i lead a healthy life! hahaha... so, just now i spend 2-3 minutes to sketch out my planner for today.... it goes like this;

11 a.m. - Go to library = finish up presentation, storyboard and website research.
3 p.m. - Go back home(since library close at 3) = takes about 20 minutes to reach home!
around 3.30 p.m. - take a rest for a while, maybe check mails and my friendster.
4 p.m. - Start implementing my website on Penang food(LFC ask me to do this topic!).
6 p.m. - Get ready for break fasting!
7 p.m. - Dunno where i'm gonna eat, so i'll be somewhere in Sunway, eating!
9 p.m. - i'll be playing pool i guess, or else, i'll be home!
11p.m. - Sleep, if i do so! if not, ONLINE!

so, my target today is;

  • finish up animation for designer presentation - titled 2D Animation.
  • finish up storyboard for my 50% assignment for animation for designer.
  • do the research on Penang food website!
hurm.... so, will you excuse me now? wanna sort few things up... wanna pack up things to bring to library... hehehe... oh... not to forget... the most important thing of all... my sweater! or i'll be freezing inside the freaking cold library!!! hahaha... see you Endy... byebye...


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