Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Emi's Birthday!

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First of all, Happy Birthday to Emi... Who's Emi? well, Emi is my best friend, housemate and classmate! phew... how many hours a day did i spent my time with her? you make the calculation... haha... well, she turns 22 on 18th September 2007... Why am i telling this in here? because she's one of the most important person in my life... she cared bout me... she's the witness of my beautiful moment with him... she was there when i was down... she pick me up when i was torn into pieces... and the most important thing of all is, she's my best best friend and i really do love her!!!

Well, we celebrated her birthday yesterday night at Sushi King, Sunway Pyramid... nothing special there but all that matters are who are there... Me, Emi(of course!), Maryam(another best friend of mine & also the final member of our house!), Alyaa(the person who assume our house as her second house! trust me, she spent her time more at my place than her own house!), Munnie(Alyaa's KDU mate), Tasha Rene(our close friend and classmate, you can assume her as my twins!), and last but not least, Michelle(our classmate!). Me and Alyaa bought her a chocolate+strawberry cake... Alyaa choose the cake anyway... hehehe... we spent around 2 hours eating and taking pictures!! phew... i'll talk bout the pictures part later on!!

After the dinner, we floiter around Sunway Pyramid and have some crazy moment... Then, we're off to our favourite place of all, Asia Cafe!! hhahaha... it's pool time!! Maryam and Alyaa went back earlier since they're tired... well, speaking of TIRED, trust me, i am seriously exhausted.... but for the sake of Emi, i just forget bout it and try not to show the "tired" face in front of her... another thing, i have assignment that i need to pass up by today... i was suppose to finish it yesterday!! well, i dont mind sacrificing for my best friend!! not that i want any reward anyway... just a note! hehe...

Well, it turn out that i didn't make a mistake by going to Asia Cafe... first of all, of course, i enjoy playing pool... second, we met our former classmate a.k.a. Emi's best friend in class in semester 1, Jabir or you can address him as Ja... we call him Ja! well, we actually promise to meet there, it's not a coincidence... hehhe.... he came with a very fascinating t-shirt... i love the t-shirt... haha... they printed a big sign of FUCK at the back of the shirt! Ja looks different now... totally different... what the hell Ja! you change a lot!! now, you're so naughty!!! compared to whom i met in semester 1!! hahaha.... i do miss you, pal! miss arguing with you in class!! why must you go to APIIT!!!! anyway, he's going back to Oman on 25th September for his holiday... his coming back on mid-October.... we're so gonna miss you ok! the next time you come, bring your extra shirt and overnight at our place!!! trust me, you're gonna love it!

Ok ok... let's stop that story... let's continue... so, Me, Emi, Rene and Michelle waited for Ja at the big screen area... i had my Apple juice and Rene ordered Orange juice... we're crapping and talking and updating each other on our daily life since our timetable is quite hectic nowadays... we dont have time to meet each other... another thing is, it's Ramadhan... i usually meet Rene at the food court or restaurant nearby our college for lunch... hehehe... after Ja arrive, we went straight to pool! hahaha... can't wait to play!!!! we open 2 middle table... we dont need to wait for the table! i'm happy! haha... we usually need to wait since Asia Cafe is always full! i love the table anyway! i play a lot yesterday...

Hey... there's a lot of cute guys yesterday night!! i was too busy playing and checking out on them... well, you know what?? they're checking out on me too... i noticed that... hahahhahaha.... after a while, Ja's friends came... 6 of them! haha... we continue playing until 1.30 a.m. oh, did i mention that Luke came by too? he played few frame and we went back, since he came with a friend... hehehe... after pool, we went to the big screen again and have our supper... haha... i ate spaghetty... but i couldn't finish it... it's too much... i can't even finish my iced lemon tea! thanks to Rene... she finish up everything for me!!

ok, let's talk bout the pictures now before i stop writing to you... i have to stop writing soon since i have to edit my audio assignment... well, i took exactly 823mb photographs which consist of 797 pictures... sounds interesting? you give it a try!!! it's tiring!! well, not all picture are well taken... i'm a beginner anyway... hahaha... only 756mb @ 714 pictures are nicely taken! well, imagine if i were to edit all of the picture?? phew.... i'm not gonna edit all... just gonna edit around 100-200 pictures... the rest, so sorry!! i cant... i'm not a full time photographer... hehehe.... anyway.... i love camera that i used yesterday night!! it's heavier than the camera that i wanna buy which is the Nikon D40x.... yesterday i used Nikon D80... phew.... it's seriously tiring! a photographer who wears 3 inch heels! imagine that! hahah... standing, squatting and sitting down on the dirty floor just to capture unique pose and angle! hahaha.... i love it anyway... just that when i start my official day as photographer one day, reminds me not to wear heels! hahaha... maybe i should start wear ballerina.... hehehe... or peep toe.... wedges sounds interesting too... hehehe...

ok, let's stop my passion towards shoes or i'll start talking bout each of my heels to you! hahaaha... oh ya... i almost forgot... i have interesting story to tell you... hahahaha... remember that guy that i admire? haha... well, i'm actually guilty because i promise him that i'm gonna meet him last night... he accompany me home earlier that day... well, he look kinda worried... i dont know why... just before he left my apartment, i gave him a big hug... when i try to let go, he's still holding my waist... you know what? he tried to kiss me! haahah.... i was surprise... seriously surprise! i didnt know that he has an eye for me... i mean, for real! he's always mysterious.... the way he communicate brings double meaning... you know, reverse psychology! haha... well, i'm good at it... shoot me with it! haha... what should i do? i know i owe him an apology! i'm so sorry! i didnt make it.. i know i was suppose to drop by at your place... hehehe... i'll see you later in college!!

about another senior that i tell you the other day... i keep reminding him that i'm not his girlfriend... i belong to Mr. nobody! i belong to me!! hehehe... i think he got the idea of that since i saw his status in MSN yesterday... sounds depressed! he wanted to see me yesterday... well, frankly speaking, i need a break from meeting him... i met him everyday... that's kinda sickening right?? well, it's not if you're my special guy! hurm.... did i tell you bout a guy name Brian? one of the best hip hop dancer i've ever met! he's great... he asked me out!! damn... he have this Reunion dinner thing somewhere in October... he asked me to be his date for that day! haha... and he said, if i love it, we could plan on more dates! ahahhaaha... life's wonderful huh? he's seriously gorgeous! he have tremendous smile! and of course, i'm attracted to his dance!!! oh shit Tasha!! stop imagining!! you're fasting! hahaha...

Hey, i think i got to go... my class started at 12.30 p.m. but i still need to do my work... i'm up early huh today? haha... i dont know why... i was up since 7 a.m. i slept around 4... i started to feel sleepy anyway... but i shouldnt sleep!! i have assignment that need to be done!! i only have 3 hours class today which is the islamic studies, Animation for designer and Audio production... kinda relax day right??? dont be happy yet for me.... look at tomorrow's timetable!!! class start at 8.30 until 4.30!! i seriously hate morning class!! hahaha.... ok ok.... i'll stop nagging and complaining now! i'll see you... hurm... maybe tonight or the latest is tomorrow night... ok? byebye...

Trying to enjoy my youth,
deleting memories,

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