Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Here we are.
Back to ground zero.

I wish, we could fall in love once again. 
Be as close as we used to be few months ago.

I try to figure out.
What exactly happen.
That we are so apart right now.

I think.
And think.
I rethink. 

Over and over again.
Just can't dig out the answer.

This is frustrating.
Because I love you more than anything.


I know.
That we're fine.
We're very happy.
We suits each other well.

The thing is,
where is our flaw?
what is our problem?
why aren't we connecting?

I've always believe,
that in every relationship, 
there's always another step,
that will grow taller day-by-day.


Let me simplify.
I just miss you.

That "you" i used to know.
That "you" who talks to me 'bout everything.
Even a silly thing that happens surrounding him.
Like a lame auntie passing by wearing ridiculous blouse.

Where is that man?
Why aren't him here?

I'm just beside you, but i feel like we're apart.
I meet you everyday, but i still feel that you're not here.
We're in the same venue, but it feels so soulless. 

Whatever happens to that environment?


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