Monday, March 14, 2011


I miss our beautiful moment.
I miss the person you used to be.
I miss that clumsy man i used to date.
I miss those cheeky smile on your face.

You rarely smile now.
You rarely talk now.
You rarely joke now.
You rarely need me now.

What's bothering you, my dear?

We used to just sit and talk our heart out.
We used to be those people who laugh a lot.
We used to send each other beautiful message.
We used to stare at each other, for hours.

What happen?
What went wrong?

Is it me?
Is it you?

Or is it just us being "apart"?
Or is this what relationship are?

They seems to torn in the middle of the bumpy road.
Leave us with a wounded heart and miserable feelings.

Can we fall in love once again?

Back to that December.

I miss all that.

I miss you.


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