Thursday, December 03, 2009


time:3:02 a.m.
venue: my room
mood: so freaking calm
currently: tv series mood turn ON!

i was totally stress yesterday. freaked out a little. mood was off. bla bla bla. yada yada yada.

today, after coming back from work, i went to the supermarket to buy myself all of my fav food.

and right now,

i'm watching my fav series, eating my fav yogurt, having my fav peel-off mask on my face & i'm planning to finish up season 5 of the tv series!

just a night all alone.

it's REFRESHING you know.

just to stay relax, do nothing but pamper yourself with your fav stuff.

well, basically, just being LAZY.

but what the heck. i love it.

loving this moment.

just dropping by to say hello to you Endy.


1 comment:

fazrin2211 said...

jgn la stress dik...namo camtu


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