Monday, December 14, 2009

Garry Kasparov, my idol.

remember those time when i used to adore Kasparov moves. i used to be crazy over his game. dreaming every night to be like him, but FAILED. lol. i'm not as genius as this amazing guy. omg, i still remember his first book my dad bought me when i was 9-year-old. i was so excited and all.

today, as i'm playing with one of my good friend, i remember how much i love chess. i really do. i enjoy playing chess when i was lil girl. i still remember our school team. Sandra Teh, Cheah Mei Ling, Ooi Kerrey and Goh Sue Zien. we went to the state tournament and all we did is check out guys! lol. omg. this does bring back memories. we had Sue Zien who had lots of gossip bout the guys there. we had Kerrey who's the Miss-know-everyone-in-the-tournament. we had Mei Ling who loves to "bang" the chess clock loudly. yeah Mei Ling, we knew you're stress-out and you dont only scare your opponent, but us too! lol. of course, we had Sandra, my besties in chess. still remember our very first game together in SGGS Chess Club.

girls, i do miss all of you. how i wish i could turn back the time. still remember when we used to bring digital camera to the tournament and zoom-in to the cute guys there. lol. it was really fun. i had a great time. oh ya, thanks for supporting me as the Vice President of Chess Club. i know it's a tough politic in there, but we manage to get through it. i'm happy for all of us :)

so conclusion here is, thank you Garry Kasparov for making me love chess. oh yes, i'm never gonna be near your chess point. mine is just 1958 points. lol. but i do love chess because of you. you're such a genius. and it was really sad to see you lose to Vladimir Kramnik in October 2000. but still, you're my idol.

P/s: for those who still have no clue of Garry Kasparov, CLICK HERE!


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