Saturday, August 01, 2009

Rough idea of what i'm gonna do!

1st week
  • Meet Tiqah
  • Spend time with B, if he's not busy :(
  • meet supplier
  • service and wash my car
  • wax the car (i do it myself ok! i know it's hard to believe)
2nd week
  • meet supplier with mom
  • re-stock baju kurung
  • go back to Penang

3rd week
  • prepare stock for ramadhan
  • meet up friends: Maryam, Aiza(ni hutang aku nasik kandaq) , Fariz, Vatos (dia hutang aku 1 movie), Emily, Win, Hasnas(if she's in Penang), bla bla bla. -this list will be update if needed.
  • meet Penang Group member
  • discuss business with Maryam

4th week
  • busy with mom's shop
  • continue designing layout for my blog shop
  • do more and more research on price and type of dress
  • make my baju raya. planning of making 5. lol.

1st week
  • still busy at the shop
  • attending buka puasa event
  • meeting friends for buka puasa that i owe them. lol
  • sew beads on my baju raya. (yes my baju raya are compulsory to have them. i love glam!)

2nd week
  • extra busy with the shop, raya coming.
  • spend some time with mom.
  • bake some cake and cookies. (yes i know baking, and sewing. dont be surprise)
  • buy heels
  • buy new make up
  • buy new dress (wajib, even though raya pakai baju kurung)
  • ajar orang tu mekap (you know yourself)

3rd week
  • paling busy! still working in the shop.
  • again, meet more friends. too lazy to list.
  • bake more cookies. oh, muffin too.
  • go for random shopping. buy anything i like. lol.
  • paint my room.

4th week (should be raya week, right?)
  • dont know either staying in penang or going back to Perak. which ever.
  • fulfill open house invitation
  • go here and there
  • the ULTIMATE shopping with mom (we dont have time for shopping during ramadhan ok!)
  • spend time with my family (go for vacation)

1st week
  • get my ass back to KL, the paradise of bullshit people
  • meet B, after 1 month
  • meet friends

2nd week
  • start buying my stock
  • upload my items on the net
  • launch my blog shop (thinking of 21/10)
  • start promoting my blog shop

3rd week
  • still buying new stock
  • start planning for next product buying
  • buy a digicam

4th week
  • research on next thing to buy for my blog
  • ______(fill in the blanks)
that's all for now. bye.

p/s: suppose to post this yesterday. but i forgot. lol.



Aiza Jeniza said...

ajar org tu pakai mekap, kah kah kah! lagi satu ang lupa, GOSSIP2 NGN ORG TU! hahahah!

Natasha said...

kah kah kah... gossip tu takyah masuk list la... jenuh nak isi tiap2 minggu GOSSIP GOSSIP GOSSIP nanti!


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