Monday, August 03, 2009


time: 6:20 a.m.
venue: home
mood: relieved?
currently: just woke up, 4 minutes ago.

few hours ago, when i posted my previous entry, i wanted to write bout my hangout with B today. yeah, we've been spending time together lately. maybe because i'm going back to Penang, real soon. in a week period. we're supposed to go to Carrefour to buy some groceries. him being spontaneous,"hey let's go to Midvalley" and i said, "sure".

we walk around, hunting for food, for about an hour. don't know what to eat. we check out every restaurant and cafe. B wanted to eat Italian, but him being fussy, nothing seems to attract his appetite. finally, i told him, lets go to food court. yea, he looked at me, giving the weird look. lol. yes, i wanna go to food court. i know it's kinda weird for me to say that. he knows i hate food court on weekends. at first he refused, then i urge him to go! lol. sorry B. i know you just want to have a decent meal with me. anyway, you do like your order, right?

ok, i choose to eat curry yong tau foo. this is the most unbelievable thing ever for today. i take a few type of the food, and they charge me rm19.95! i was like, WTF? it's just so unreasonable! honestly, i think they conned me. but, i'm just in a good mood with B, i don't want to ruin it. he's even happy today with our hangout. i took the picture of the receipt (for proove purpose), but it doesnt turn out that nice. maybe because i'm angry?

anyways, lets forget bout that bullshit. let me concentrate on the happy part. after the lunch/dinner (dunno what to call it), we walk all over Midvalley. my feet ache real bad! B bought me Alucid. it's suppose to relief gastric pain, hyperacidity, flatulence and heartburn. nowadays, i seems to get heartburn and hyperacidity (my guess). Thanks for being concern. lol.

next thing, i went in to Sasa, since i remembered that my eyelash glue-fix-or-whatever-you-call-it already dried up. i bought one clear eyelash fix. it's kinda cheap. rm9.50! i bought it because it's clear color. the rest are black. next, i went to Guardian, for Maybelline. surprisingly, only Maybelline mascara seems to be loved by me. i bought the black one, replacing the one which almost dried up. so now, i have both brown and black Volume Express Hypercurl (err... the name is something like that, too lazy to dig my make up box).

Girls, if you ever wanna buy make up, from the middle range price, this is the time! so freaking cheap. i'm so tempted to buy lots of eyeshadow. lol. but thinking that i'm gonna buy the professional pallete soon, i stop myself from buying it. anyway, i always adore small pallete. really convenient for travelling.

oh ya, what did i consume yesterday that will surely add up point to be fat! lol. after the lunch/dinner, we went to Dome for coffee. as usual, my fav Honeycomb Crunch. share it with him, since both of us are on diet. lol. ordered one coffee and one drinking water. chayokkk... lol. ok let me show the picture now. for some reason, my camera skill seems to be lousy today! lol. i have to take several shots before i get right, err, well, almost right. lol. i'm not scott kelby, mind you.

This have to be my fav picture of the day! lol. guess what setting did i use for this! (except for yam! tak aci, aku dah ckp awal2 kat dia)

Colour is kinda dull, but i'm too lazy to fix it :)

and i sort of fall in love with this HSBC brochure design. applause to the designer! great job

ok i have to stop now. it took me quite a while to finish this entry. because i was cleaning my stuff while typing this. and i manage to go down to mamak for 2 roti telur. haha. bye!

P/s: i'm still annoyed with one assistant in Guardian that desperately trying to impress me with her make up knowledge. talk about pride, huh! oh ya, this post was suppose to by posted yesterday, but i'm just to exhausted to type.


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fazrin2211 said...

peh jalan2, mid valley erkkkk.


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