Thursday, August 13, 2009

A lil bit update on my blog shop

Time: 4.02 a.m.
venue: bukit jalil

ok, i'm awfully tired and cant really type much today. too much thing in my head right now. going back to penang on friday, yet, havent pack anything! expect this to be short since i'm off to bed soon.

i'm really happy because my first batch of product are sold out. i met the supplier today, who's very friendly and polite. i enjoy working with her since she's flexible. i bought double the amount i bought before. more variety anyway. i think i will only be able to upload it on Monday. this weekend gonna be a hectic one. lemme give you a brief;

  • go out as early as 8, means have to be ready by 7. ok i need to buy redbull!
  • go to Hilton to pick my mom up.
  • meet supplier here and there.
  • buy new stock for our shop.
  • send make up sample to my bro, his friend wanna check it out.
  • pack my stuff to go back to penang, and when i say STUFF, i mean STUFFSSSSSS!
  • again, buy stock for the shop. trust me this is tiring. lots of walking done!
  • head back to penang.
  • reach home, unpack. get myself comfortable.
  • note that it take me at least 3 days to get used to new environment!
  • Go to my mom's shop
  • arrange and press the stock
  • yes, arranging took 1 whole day!
  • oh ya, almost forgot! Aiza is coming to kepochi. lol.
  • maybe a little time here to photograph my new item for the blog.
  • meet some potential buyer.
  • lepak kassim mustafa sampai pagi, minum teh tarik and makan mee goreng mamak!
  • upload the new product picture to my blog.
  • check my mail! yes people, dont stop emailing me! i'll still answer your questions!
  • meet Yam, perhaps.
so, i think you'll get it if you dont get any update till Tuesday! lol. oh ya... my supplier is sending more item on Monday, so it should reach me by Tuesday! lol, more unpacking to do! sorry Endy. i'm kinda tight-up here! take care!



dekkai said...

tasha ang lupa lg 1 pos mascara aku wei TT__TT

Aiza Jeniza said...


fazrin2211 said...

kawan ku yang sgt bz

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