Saturday, July 05, 2008

Ending the semester soon!

Time: 6.37 a.m.
Venue: My Honey's home!
Mood: Dunno...
Condition: Extremely worn-out
Currently: Waiting for him to come back

seriously, it's been a long time since i last write to you... i even forgot my blog format... i was thinking just now... was it "Mood" first or "Condition" first?? i'm so sorry Endy... i've been such a selfish friend... i've abandoned you. pardon me... i'm done with my Oracle assignment... just finished it... i'm finishing this 6th semester in just a week. my last paper is on 15th July and then i'm done! enough of studying. so, where did i last stop? ok... let me talk bout studies first. i'm seriously worried about my programming. i didnt do well in the test. i dunno why. i thought i'm well prepared. well, not to blame anyone, but i think it's due to my family problem. anyway, they seems to calm down now, at least for a while. let me have a peaceful exam mood.

next semester i'm going to do my internship and i'm left with few choices. well, now i know the importance of knowing lots of people. i got a few job offer through friends. they wanna recommend me to their boss/friends. i dunno. maybe i'll take it. or maybe i'll continue my degree. oppss... DEGREE?? another 2 years of hell? WTF? enough! i cant study anymore. not with all the pressure going on right now.. i prefer to work. speaking of work, i might be getting internship in Shah Alam. so, i talked to my parents about it and they say that i could get a car for that job. my dad suggested me to buy one small car and sell of that big + high maintenance car. so, i think that's quite a good idea since this stupid Malaysia is having the stupid fuel price hike. thanks to Pak Lah. you're so not gonna get my vote!

i'll be having Oracle exam on monday and i dont know either i'm ready or not. the lecturer sucks! i'm totally lost confidence in exam. i dont think i'm gonna score any A this semester. well, lets forget bout that. i dont give a damn anymore. i just wanna enjoy my holiday now. i'm going back to penang after 15th. i'm gonna meet my bestie there and have fun. my dear lucky Tiqah is flying to India soon. so, i wanna spend my time with her. i'm so gonna miss her. i already am. she's such a great friend. she gave me hopes when i needed it the most. she opens up doors to my darkest room. pheww... tasha, stop rambling!

i might go back to Sunway on Sunday. hurm... maybe i should rephrase my word. i HAVE to go back to Sunway this Sunday. i promise Sharon and Emi that we're gonna study together. but the thing is... i'm sick. seriously... i went to clinic yesterday. the doctor gave me few craps to eat. i dont even touch it. haha... i hate pills! and i think that doctor is illiterate! so... just let the fever goes by itself.

i believe that you cant even imagine how busy i've been lately. i dont even go out lately. it's been a month i guess. i've been staying at home... CORRECTION.. Medo's home... i hope things will be better after i got my job. i wanna start working as soon as possible. just now i went to visit Mei Phing's blog and wowwww... she updated her blog with a dozen of entries.. this means i didnt read her blog for quite a period. damn... what happen to me? i hope i can coup with my life soon!

hurm.. i wanna sleep. i'm tired... i cant wait for him anymore... so sleepy! bye Endy.. i love you!

A Friend,
Tasha Leow

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