Monday, June 16, 2008

Most Precious Birhday Wishes!

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I was supposed to sit here and do my assignment, but instead, I choose to come here and talk to you.. Medo, is sleeping, I guess he’s tired.. i opened my mail just now. I have one folder that keeps all the email that I wanna keep. I opened one email that I last open on 20th May 2008. It says,

I may not be by your side…

Celebrating your birthday with you…

But I want you to know

That I’m thinking of you…

& wishing you

a wonderful


Well, do you realize that I didn’t post any blog on my 20th birthday?? I was sad actually… not because of this email… but because all of my friend was not there just like before.. what happen to us?? I don’t expect much on them.. just a simple meet up and being crazy… anyway.. thanks to Medo, for being there, having nice dinner with me and not to forget, the gorgeous necklace and ring. Honey, I really don’t know when you bought that ring! You were with me all week! Well, this might be a little bit late, but THANKS a lot for those beautiful present…

Frankly speaking, I was really down because my friend was not there with me… but I know they have responsibility… at least Tasha Renee, Soya and Raymond came to AC that Friday… the rest was busy with assignment and test.. well, I was cheered by that birthday email.. my intention of writing this blog today is to say thanks to the person. You make me feel that I’m not forgotten. Thanks for remembering my birthday, or at least putting it in your calendar or something. Your email was simple, but touchy. Again and again, you never failed to make me feel better. That’s one thing I love about you. I’m glad that I used to know you. Yeah, you changed, but, there’s some part that never change, your KINDNESS and CARE. You’re such a great person to know and believe that I’m proud to have you as a friend. I wanna tell you that you’ve touch my life and you’ve teach me precious lesson in life. Thanks once again, for everything you’ve done for me. It really meant a lot for me, Imran.

To Su Weng, Papa, Hairie, Emi, Dekkai, Choo Yen, Soya, Aunt Ain, thanks for the sms birthday wishes. To others that I can’t state here ( the list is too long!), thanks for the wishes too… and of course, thanks for the present!!!! I know this is a bit late post, but I really don’t have time for this blog nowadays. I’m so busy with life and studies. I’m trying my best to coup.

Actually I wanna write more, but my friend is messaging me in MSN, asking for help. I need to help him ok. I GTG. Bye.



(Only you call me with this name)

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