Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Heineken presents Tiesto 02 Days of Freedom @ Admiral Marina, Port Dickson, 9 & 10 May

Time: 19.10
Venue: My house
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Frankly speaking, i started missing him.... i dont know why i started developing this strange feeling. i was ok for a few months... now... i'm seriously weak... yeah, i look as if i'm fine and feel fine too... but i knew my self very well... i knew that deep inside me, i'm actually aching...

maybe because right now i feel like i dont have friends anymore... i miss penang a lot because i knew i have friends there... i dont know who to talk to.... i wish i could share this with someone, but who? nobody is here to listen, Endy. i have only you.... i mean, i only trusted you. sometimes, i just feel like i want to let this tears down, but i knew i can't. something is preventing it. something called promise. i know that i'm strong enough to go through this life. but sometimes i just need a break from this life. i need someone to hug me and tell me that it's ok to cry. if he's around, i dont mind crying because i know, there's someone to wipe my tears and tell me to stop crying.

i was in CL2 just now. i was trying to finish up on my proposal. i did few part of it, and it's only 40% done. i have to pass it up next Monday. i'm stuck. i cant type any of the proposal anymore. i have lots of idea on that project, but i just cant work today. i needed a break. Endy, will he call me on my birthday? i'm planning a party with my dudes on my birthday. i knew it's gonna be fun. my party is always fun. but i know that it's not what i want. i just want to celebrate it with the one i love the most. why Endy? why is it hard for me to delete him? i have lots of people waiting for me. am i a fool?

God, please help me going through this life. i need you to make me stand. please delete him from my life. i do miss him, a lot. if i were to choose, i'll choose him out of anything in this world. it's just stupid that we broke up. i'm a believer. i believe in you. i believe in us. and until today, i'm still waiting for an answer. i'm so confused. what did i do wrong? or you're just fooling around?

Endy, i dont have mood to type anymore... before i go, i wanna invite everybody to this event... check it out....

Hear the beats thumping? No? Strain your ears because the beats are coming closer! The anticipated 02 Days of Freedom will take place on 9 and 10 May at Admiral Marina, Port Dickson. DJs that need no introduction - TiĆ«sto, Ferry Corsten and Cosmic Gate are slated to headline the festival. With two outdoor arenas, an onsite shopping village featuring bars, cafes and stalls, it’s one beach party where you can kick back and relax to some electronic dance music, or paint the beach red with some all-night dancing.

Tickets RM88 (presale, one day pass) RM153 (presale, two day pass). RM113 (door sale, one day pass) and available at Axcess outlets at Axcess Box Office 1 Utama, Rock Corner Midvalley, Axcess Office at Jalan Semangat and Tower Records, KLCC. For more info, call 03- 7711 5000 or visit www.axcess.com.my


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