Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

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first of all i wanna say a million sorry to you fro not updating this blog for a long time! i've been busy with life. i just came back from penang. i went back for CNY and unlucky me, i got dengue fever! i was at home for the whole week.. thank god there's one cute angel looking after me! he brought me my favourite flowers every day!

well, today is Valentine's Day and again, i have no date for today... well, except for Nick and H just now... hahahaha... i went out with Nick.. again, he bought me a beautiful bouquet of tulips... it's very beautiful.. i love it so much! thanks, dear! i know you tried your best to make me feel happy today. thanks for the ring too! it's such a symbolic ring for me! Endy, you wanna know what he wrote on the card? he says,

"Yes sweetheart, diamond is not forever,
but i still choose diamond because it shines throughout the year..."

for those who had read my old blog, they'll understand why he wrote this message! hehehe...

for H, yes i know you dont like to be revealed. that's why i'm just putting your initial here... and i knew that you read my blog, every single of them... so, i dont want to take the risk... hahahaha.... thanks for the lovely gift! but i just cant take it... it's too expensive.... keep it for your real sweetheart ok?? it's impossible for me to go for you! i just cant.... i'm waiting for somebody... i've given him 5 years.... and i'm gonna wait for him even though he doesnt want me anymore.... well, he might change his mind, right? whatever it is, i'm just gonna wait... hehhehe... thanks for the lovely dinner, H! i do adore you! you have style!! we're perfect, it's just that we're not in the perfect timing!

i know you'll always be there for me. thanks for everything. today, i owe you one. frankly, i just cant resist that ring. i took it, not only because it's beautiful, but also because of the meaning behind it. how thoughfull of you for thinking of those beautiful moment and gift. you've never fail to make things special. i salute you for that. hehehe... Nick, give me some time, will you? i'll give you the answer sometime soon... i'm kinda sure of what i want right now... i feel extremely better! whatever it is, i know that i do love you... it's just that i love somebody else too! and you know exactly who that person is! i'll keep this ring with me just as it used to be...

to everyone,
happy valentine's day! i pray very hard everyday that nobody is gonna get my bad luck for love! i pray that everybody get what they want... until today, i could still remember of those sweet moment... believe it or not, i'm currently looking at his gift for valentine's that he gave last year.... i do love him, a lot!

i still love you,
and, i'll always do,

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