Saturday, October 20, 2007

Don't get me wrong, people!

Time: 7:53 a.m.
Venue: still stuck here in my room!
Condition: ok ok!
Currently: just finish checking myspace, friendster and myyearbook!

heheh... i have something to tell you... remember my last post?? i have 3 three guys who says sorry to me... they assume that that blog was for them... well... not to make anybody embarrassed but i just cant stop smiling! hahaha... i think i should start typing some names whenever i wanna say out something... but i really dont like exposing people's name here... all of the name exposed here are with the permission of the person... i'll never write someone's name without permission... that's just inane!

anyway, that guy that i dedicated the blog to actually message me in YM yesterday night... he says sorry to me... i said i'm cool with it.. it's not that i'm sad or anything... it's just that i regret for not making first step... well... he did gave me a hint!ok whatever now... lets focus on the next step of being the successful tasha... ignore those junks!

well... before i start my blog... i really hope whatever that i write here wont make anyone think i'm talking bout him or her.... well... it wont harm you if you ask me or anything... but i think you should know yourself better right?

hurm.... what did i do yesterday?? hurm... as i told you, i'm going to college to meet Ms. Vani for consultation hours. i reach college around 11.35 a.m. i called Navdeep and we met at cafe... he told me that Ms. Vani is not there! yes! she's absent! WTF! i woke up early on friday just to meet her and yet she's absent! the best thing is she have my number! cant she like call/sms me or something??? wasted my time!!! if i knew that she's gonna be absent, i'll take my own sweet time getting ready to go out!

so, i went for lunch with Navdeep at Taj and then he sent me home... after that i hang around at home for a while, go online while waiting for Kenneth to come back... i was suppose to meet him around 5... but patheticly, i fell asleep! he called me, and yet i slept again... after that, around 7, Khalid called me... he's on his way to Pyramid! i got up, settle few important things and i reach there around 7.35 p.m. poor him waiting for me! I'm sorry Khalid! i'm really am sorry! anyway, we went to my beloved Old Town coffee house... hehehe... i ordered my fav. Hazelnut White Coffee! he ordered the same thing too! then we hang around at our smoking area in Pyramid, waiting for Emi to come... next, we headed to my most fav. place in Subang, Asia Cafe! hahahahahahha.... we played pool for about 4 hours.... i won Luke, Emi, Amelia and Khalid's cousin who's so called BlingBling! hahahahaha... but sadly, i lost the last frame with Luke! i really need to practice more! i've been abandoning pool for quite a while... been busy with shopping for the past few weeks until i dont really have time to go for pool! hhehehehe...

hurm... what's my plan for today? well, i'm fully booked until next friday! hahaha...i promise Kenneth that i'm gonna watch movie with him today... i really have to made up this time because i've made him wait for me for 2 times! i'm sorry! so, today is movie day! hehehe... tomorrow, i'll be attending my aunt's open house... i'm gonna bring few people... Monday i'll be busy doing my Sounscape assignment... so the assignment already book me! Tuesday i'm going to be busy with LAN assignment presentation... i have to pass it up! Wednesday, i'm going out for a movie again with someone... and Thursday i'm going to watch movie with Navdeep as we dont have Database class on Thursday... remember those horror replacement class??? phew... hahaha... Friday i'll be meeting one of my online friends from KL... and finally, Saturday.. i'm free! hahaha... so anybody wanna go out or anything? just call me ok... opppss... i dont anybody... i mean... anybody that i know... or at least anybody that i talk to in Myspace, YM or MSN... hehehe....

ok Endy.... i'll continue next time... maybe not tonight... i wont even be home tonight... i'll be staying over at my friend's place... i'll see you maybe tomorrow morning or night... if i'm not too busy with assignment... ok?? have a sweet day Endy... may god bless you with everything... i really miss our sweet moment together when we were young... remember those silly days in primary school?? hehehehe... oh ya... almost forgot! Nick is coming tomorrow!! Yay!!!! hehe... ok Endy... gtg... bye!

busy lil girl,

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