Monday, August 30, 2010

Jack's Observing

Oh yes, today is the official date of My Jack observing this blog. he actually read my previous entry bout him. OH DAMN! lol. i dont know what he thought of it, but most of my friend said it was lovely.

So, the question here now is..... should i continue writing here, or should i stop writing bout Jack? He's reading this for sure. he even ask bout the 1 whole week that we spent together. when am i gonna write bout that?

well, it's not that i dont have any beautiful memories to capture here. it's just that i dont know where to start. even Maryam been waiting for that 1 week KL Trip update. lol. i know you girls care bout me. thanks!

ok what the heck, here you go!


Dear Jack,

Do you know that i'm starting to fall for you?

For every little things you do.
Every little things you said.
Every jokes you made.
Every story you told.

I just love the way you look at me.
I just love the way you hold my hands.
I just love the way you touch my face.
I just love the way you ask me questions.
I just love the way you got jealous over small things.

It's the small things that counts.

I just love the way we date.
I just love the way we hang out.
I just love the way we meet.
I just love the way we share stories.
I just love the way we say goodbye.

I just love the way we are. that's all.

All this while, you've been great.
I know, you're trying to be the best for me.
It's gonna be tough trying to impress my parents.
For whatever reason, I'm with you.

I promise that I'll support you in anything you do.
I promise that I'll give you number one place in my heart.
I promise that I'll be honest with you, all the time.
I promise that I'll be that girl sitting next to you, holding your hands when you needed me the most.

With that.
I just want one thing in return.
Prove to me that you really meant what you said.
That's all i'm asking.

Jack, I'm starting to fall for you ;)

P/s: good enough for a week update? LOL.



t.a.c.a said...

i like this 898989898989898989 times~

Natasha said...

like? hahahaha. i tatau brapa kali Jack will press like for this entry :P


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