Monday, August 02, 2010


We talk like everyday.
Seems like someone is addicted to calls.
Sometimes, i don't even remember what we talk about.
Maybe i was flushed away with your sincerity and sweetness.

In life,
we can't predict what's coming in next.
all we did is choose the best path and life with it.
if we screw up, we start again.
again and again and again.
we repeat, until we get it right.

we did a serious talk.
i like the way you convinced me.
about your feelings, your prediction and your planning.

we acted casual and just continue chatting.
but i could see some invisible intimation.
you told me that you missed me.
i was smiling and laughing at you.
but deep inside, i know that i miss you too.

the best part of our relationship is we're invisible.
we don't profess and declare our emotion.
we stay casual, may i say.
we knew that we're so attracted to each other.
yet, we stay cool and start giving out hints.


that's the fun part of it.
i could feel the thrill of hunting.
even when i know i don't really have to hunt.
the excitement of getting someone to adore you.
yet acting cool as if you're not interested.

you're honest.
you're innocent.
you're cool.
you're funny.
you're stable.

you're not pushy.
you're not close-minded.
you're not too reserved.
you're not too jealous.

.......just what a woman needed. least for woman like me.

question is... where is this leading us to?


t.a.c.a said...

leading to eternal happiness? huuhu

Natasha said...

cant be so sure babe.


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