Sunday, July 25, 2010

someone i could talk to...


we talked,
bout life, bout feelings, bout religion, bout family and future.

i was so unsure at first.
i thought he was fooling around.
i thought he was looking for more options, you know, girls.

i was wrong.
he's absolutely serious.
he adores me for who i am.
he said, so far, whatever he thought of me, is all right.
he said, nothing surprising, so far.

i told him to look for someone else.
he said he wants me, not that someone else.

today has been one of our greatest conversation.
it taste important, matured and again important.
i felt important. as if i am his priority in everything.
i've got all the important stuff that i really want to know about.
he cleared out everything.

5 hours on call.
had never been so refreshing for me.
as everyone knows, i hate calls.
i prefer face to face talking.
but this one is an exception.
something that i'd love to do it again.

thank you.
for making me feel this way.
i think, i'm starting to fall for you.
you're cool, you're relax, you're so matured ...
.....and you know how exactly to make me feel great.

i am sorry that i cant get over him.
it'll take time.
because i love that guy so much.
he had gave me the best 2 years of my life.

please forgive me,
for talking bout him to you.
i know it kills you silently.
but you just keep listening.
because you always wanted to be there for me.

thank you.
for today.
for everything.



t.a.c.a said...

huhuhu... see.... u and ur doubts... yet he's real.. and he's for u...

so happy for u babe... keep it up.. i noe he makes u happy and that's what u want right??

Natasha said...

lol... im so happy!!!!!


Sandra Azwan said...


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